Membership Eligibility     
CCCYA was formed for Caribbean-based term charter yachts. CCCYA membership is recorded on a yacht-name basis, and one yacht equals one vote. We provide a secure forum to share information, exchange ideas and establish common practices that protect our interests. We verify each member’s eligibility to join and request that they disclose any known or perceived conflicts of interest.

We welcome the following stakeholders into our online discussion forum:

  • Yacht owners
  • Managing crew
  • Owner-operators

If your yacht is managed by a management company, you are still welcome to join our association. As an owner, you may choose to either join our online forum or sign our proxy for your management company to speak on your behalf. We give each of our strategic partners a chance to comment on our initiatives.

Membership Requirements
All CCCYA members must: 

  • Agree to our code of ethics and declaration of confidentiality
  • Report changes in membership eligibility
  • Disclose any known or perceived conflicts of interest


CCCYA Supporters
If you work in the marine industry and support our mission, but do not fit in our membership profile, we are interested to hear from you. Please contact us