Members agree to:

    • Provide a professional representation of the CCCYA at all times.
    • Promote professional relationships between the crewed charter boats, their crews, and other industry partners; including brokers, local governments, local residents, and businesses.
    • Follow local and international laws and respect local customs.
    • Be inclusive and commit to zero tolerance of harassment or discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, color, sex, age, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.
    • Ensure their actions do not result in an unfair advantage over other CCCYA members when promoting themselves (owners/yacht/crew) or conducting business common to the charter industry.
    • Be respectful of fellow CCCYA members at all times and not disparage the practices of other member-owners/yacht/crew, nor clients, brokers, or other charter industry partners. If an opinion is sought, it should be rendered with strict professional integrity and courtesy.
    • Acknowledge that industry stakeholders and partners may hold greater influence over others and commit to zero tolerance of abuse of power.
    • Ensure that all business dealings, negotiations, and contractual agreements are entered into with good faith with a commitment to adhere to the terms.



Describe the situation you believe breaches ccc-ya’s code of ethics: (To help us better understand the situation please include as many details as you feel comfortable disclosing) Please explain what you hope for by bringing this forward to the ethics committee. *all form submissions are held in the strictest confidence within the Ethics Committee. Any consideration by the Ethics Committee to the CCC-YA board will keep any identifying details about the reporting party confidential.